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If you’re new to the Milwaukee Area, or an established business looking for Milwaukee Website Design Services, we would like to introduce ourselves. My partner Dan and I (John) have been serving Milwaukee businesses for the past 10 (John) to 19 years (Dan) as freelance web designers, and together as Lowcows for the past few years. Along with our newest member Archana, we’re proud to offer Milwaukee Area Businesses quality websites at a price almost any business can afford!

Our approach to web design is very different than most Milwaukee Website Designers because we feel to effectively run a website as a small or medium sized business, you have to be able to update your website’s content without calling a web design firm for every simple change. This approach allows business owners to keep their clients up to date without a huge monthly expense. A website that’s updated with latest news and specials gives customers a reason to come back, resulting in more clients coming through the door.

Lowcows Web Design Milwaukee specializes in WordPress Solutions for small and medium sized business.

 WordPress Web Design in Milwaukee

WordPress is the content management system that allows us to empower business owners to take control of their websites. The beauty of WordPress is in it’s simplicity from a management standpoint, but for as simple as it is for business owners to use, it is also robust and very capable allowing programmers to custom design and program a website based on a businesses specific needs.

Another great feature about WordPress is that it uses themes for the actual website design. We can custom design themes around a company’s brand, or we can look through various existing themes, known as “Premium Themes”, which can be modified to reflect your unique business. This allows Milwaukee businesses to get a lot more website for their hard earned dollar. Either way, the most important thing to know is that you have a very powerful website management system that will allow you to effectively communicate with your clients.

How much does it cost for website design in Milwaukee?

We understand that businesses have plenty of places to invest their money. We also understand that budgets and needs vary from business to business. The actual cost of a website is hard to determine with so many variables, but as small business owners, we love helping other small and medium sized business owners. We do every thing in our power to keep our overhead low, so our clients are paying for our knowledge and experience. You won’t find a doorman at our office, but you will find three individuals who love what they do, and love to share what they know!

Helpful Resources for Milwaukee Business Owners

As of 2013, there was an estimated 950,000 people living in Milwaukee County with a median income of $43,599 (2012 Census), which is approximately $10,000 less than our state average. Nonetheless, this is great information to have if you’re a business to consumer company. If you’re a business to business service like we are, there’s a lot of potential with just under 60,000 businesses (2007 est) that may potentially need our  Milwaukee Website Design services. Knowing these basic facts and coupling them with tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner allows us to understand our potential client base as well as the Google search volumes for phrases related to our service. Please note that Google’s Keyword Planner is part of the Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising System. You don’t need to pay for PPC Ads to utilize the Planner though, you just need a free Google account. Beyond this one tool, there are many different resources available for business owners in Milwaukee. On the right side of this page, you’ll find links to many of these resources. We hope you’ll find something useful for your business.

Ready to learn more about Lowcows?

If you’ve read our blog, you’ll know that most of the information posted on there is to help businesses. For the smaller fish to survive we as business owners have to do what we can to keep up with the big fish. Thanks to WordPress, there’s a lot we can do online to compete against big businesses. The simple tools and ideas that have taken us years to piece together can absolutely help any Milwaukee business. A quality website is the best first step in improving your business, and we hope that we can help you take that first step.

We appreciate you taking the time to look over this page, and hope Lowcows will soon be your preferred Milwaukee Web Designer! Feel free to contact us to schedule a no pressure meeting or if you have any questions. We also suggest reading our article, What to know before choosing a Milwaukee Web Designer. As you search for “Web Design Milwaukee“, you’ll be armed will many simple yet important concepts business owners should know to protect their investment!

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